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Is Outsourcing Mortgage Telemarketing Un-American?

The unemployment line in America seems to be getting longer as the price of Real Estate keeps dropping. What is the impact of this shift on our economy and is it Un-American to outsource?Well I got news for you, Outsourcing is nothing new. The Fortune 500, along with all the other big dogs have been doing it for several years now. It’s hard to find any big to mid-sized company that doesn’t engage in some form of outsourcing. Most own call centers and factories that employ 1000′s of workers at a fraction of the cost. Now mortgage telemarketing companies are following suit.The overall impact of mortgage telemarketing has actually been positive by increasing profits that get passed down to shareholders, getting a return on the investment dollar and even helping some companies like Countrywide avoid greater layoffs. These benefits are clearly more noticeable with Mortgage Telemarketing. Countrywide, HSBC and others have reported steady losses from the mortgage sector since the sub prime market started to tank in 2006. Over two years later, we are finally starting to see things pick back up, mostly due to the cost saving brought in by outsourcing mortgage telemarketing process like telemarketing mortgage lead generation and even back end processing. If a product cost far less to produce then the American consumer, or in this case the American mortgage broker can reap the benefits. This has provided a more cost effective way of mortgage telemarketing to help Americans obtain mortgages which in turn helps to stimulate Real Estate sales and maintain property values. When people can’t get loans then houses sit on the market for too long pulling prices down, the rapid increase of foreclosures in America have had the same effect. Telemarketing mortgage leads can change this. It’s very important that we use every resource available and this means off-shore mortgage telemarketing.Outsourcing mortgage telemarketing has helped hundreds mortgage companies nationwide using mortgage telemarketing to prequalify potential borrowers for home loans. The process of telemarketing mortgage leads for these companies has been moved overseas to the Philippines and India as is the story with most US based mortgage telemarketing companies. They now have call centers that employ hundreds telemarketers in these countries. For the first time many of these small brokerage firms are able to use resources that before were only available to the Fortune 500. The outcome has helped 1000′s of Americans find more suitable loans and avoid foreclosure while at the same time keeping loan officers out of the unemployment line.The over all impact generates a return on investment for every dollar sent over seas as well as a positive impact to the macro economics of our country. The funds spent in mortgage telemarketing pales in comparison to the BILLIONS of American dollars sent over seas from donations and non-profit organizations that do not offer a return on the American investment dollar and resulting in complete loss to our economy. This being said there’s nothing Un-American about outsourcing. Just make sure you are working with an American owned and operated call center and never send your money overseas. There are no repercaussions especially in the third-world. More about Mortgage Telemarketing.