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Is Outsourcing Mortgage Telemarketing Un-American?

The unemployment line in America seems to be getting longer as the price of Real Estate keeps dropping. What is the impact of this shift on our economy and is it Un-American to outsource?Well I got news for you, Outsourcing is nothing new. The Fortune 500, along with all the other big dogs have been doing it for several years now. It’s hard to find any big to mid-sized company that doesn’t engage in some form of outsourcing. Most own call centers and factories that employ 1000′s of workers at a fraction of the cost. Now mortgage telemarketing companies are following suit.The overall impact of mortgage telemarketing has actually been positive by increasing profits that get passed down to shareholders, getting a return on the investment dollar and even helping some companies like Countrywide avoid greater layoffs. These benefits are clearly more noticeable with Mortgage Telemarketing. Countrywide, HSBC and others have reported steady losses from the mortgage sector since the sub prime market started to tank in 2006. Over two years later, we are finally starting to see things pick back up, mostly due to the cost saving brought in by outsourcing mortgage telemarketing process like telemarketing mortgage lead generation and even back end processing. If a product cost far less to produce then the American consumer, or in this case the American mortgage broker can reap the benefits. This has provided a more cost effective way of mortgage telemarketing to help Americans obtain mortgages which in turn helps to stimulate Real Estate sales and maintain property values. When people can’t get loans then houses sit on the market for too long pulling prices down, the rapid increase of foreclosures in America have had the same effect. Telemarketing mortgage leads can change this. It’s very important that we use every resource available and this means off-shore mortgage telemarketing.Outsourcing mortgage telemarketing has helped hundreds mortgage companies nationwide using mortgage telemarketing to prequalify potential borrowers for home loans. The process of telemarketing mortgage leads for these companies has been moved overseas to the Philippines and India as is the story with most US based mortgage telemarketing companies. They now have call centers that employ hundreds telemarketers in these countries. For the first time many of these small brokerage firms are able to use resources that before were only available to the Fortune 500. The outcome has helped 1000′s of Americans find more suitable loans and avoid foreclosure while at the same time keeping loan officers out of the unemployment line.The over all impact generates a return on investment for every dollar sent over seas as well as a positive impact to the macro economics of our country. The funds spent in mortgage telemarketing pales in comparison to the BILLIONS of American dollars sent over seas from donations and non-profit organizations that do not offer a return on the American investment dollar and resulting in complete loss to our economy. This being said there’s nothing Un-American about outsourcing. Just make sure you are working with an American owned and operated call center and never send your money overseas. There are no repercaussions especially in the third-world. More about Mortgage Telemarketing.

Bankruptcy Instead of Debtor’s Prison

Bankruptcy is a law provided for those who are unable to pay their debts and this law is utilized to provide them with a way of paying their creditors. Since there is no debtor’s prison any more, no one has to worry about going to prison because of not being able to pay. Instead, bankruptcy consolidates the debts and sets up a schedule by which the debts can be paid.In 1800, the first federal bankruptcy law was enacted in the United States. Then in 1803, this law was repealed and it wasn’t until 1841 that new bankruptcy laws were passed. The economic panic of 1837 required these new bankruptcy laws. From this date forward, there have been many laws repealed and new ones enacted. The result of these enacted laws have been to protect the debtor and provide rehabilitation to him so that this time of his loss will not affect him for the rest of his life.In 1933 and 1934 due to the Great Depression, it was necessary to enact a law that was wider in scope to allow companies a chance to reorganize their debt and protect their assets from their creditors. Then in 1978, the Bankruptcy Reform Act was put into law, which expanded on the law of the 1930s in that it provided a stronger reorganization procedure. This law is called Chapter 11 and it replaced Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy law of the 1930s. Chapter 11 made it easier for companies and individuals to file for bankruptcy and be granted protection from their creditors. However, the 1978 law did not cover any tax related situations.Thus, in 1980 Bankruptcy Tax Act was enacted, providing for some various taxation rules. In 1982, the bankruptcy court was ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court, opening the way for the Bankruptcy Amendment Act of 1984, which took away some powers of the bankruptcy judges. Chapter 12 bankruptcy was created in 1986 to include farmers.In October 1994, the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1994 was signed into law overturning and changing much of the law under the 1978 act. It affected both business and individual bankruptcy laws. It made Chapter 13 more attractive to individuals instead of using Chapter 7 for consolidating and scheduling payment on their debt. It provided creditors more help in securing debt owed them by bankrupt estates.Economic and social changes have prompted the need for reform on the bankruptcy laws through the years. The past couple of decades have seen changes in the financial world as well as social upheaval. With credit flooding the nation the past several decades, consumer debt has sky rocketed and the rate of default on credit cards has caused many to seek bankruptcy protection. Medical problems, divorce and job losses have caused most of the Chapter 7 bankruptcies.A record number of bankruptcies were filed in the 1980s and early 1990s. Job losses and business losses accounted for this record number of bankruptcies. Many small businesses (the mom and pops) closed during this period, but also large companies such as Texaco, Continental Airlines, Greyhound and Pan Am also filed for bankruptcy. This large number of bankruptcy filings put the bankruptcy courts in a bind to handle all of them; thus, they utilized the assistance of bankruptcy professionals to speed up the court procedure. These professionals were approved by the court to act as examiners and mediators.In 2005, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act went into effect under heavy criticism. It places new restrictions both on individuals and companies as to how their debt will be reorganized to be paid. In effect, it tends to make it harder for everyone to file for bankruptcy protection.

Relax, Relate, Meditate

Meditation has become trendy and popular by so many boasting about the serenity and peacefulness you feel when meditating effectively. The benefits of this thousand year old practice are truly limitless. Meditation originated eons ago from a need to deepen the understanding of the spiritual and unseen aspects of life.For this very reason meditation is a great tool for strengthening your natural psychic abilities. Meditation is a powerful grounding tool for empaths, psychics, and mediums. The more you practice the easier it becomes, all while strengthening your intuition and the gifts you experience weaknesses. For example, a strong medium has the ability to increase the psychic gifts through meditation. It is recommended that you meditate at least 20 minutes each day to strengthen metaphysical gifts.It is especially important for empaths and highly sensitive people to practice meditation daily. Absorbing the energy of others constantly can sometimes make it difficult to understand your own feelings and emotions; meditation can make your personal feelings easier to distinguish.Often students of the metaphysical world find it hard to meditate initially, struggling to release the worry and random thoughts of the day. However, it is normal. No one can sit down and instantly grasp that deep state of meditation. It can take years and years of practice for that to be achieved. That’s right, a meditation practice will require lots of practice!It is important to select a form of mediation that works for you. Sitting down in a quiet room does not work for everyone. Be careful not to limit yourself to one specific form. As an Air sign, being outdoors and moving mediation such as yoga tend to work best for me. If you have a creative gift, as all empaths do, you may be more drawn to that gift when you need to calm yourself and relax. A great way to meditate for a writer would be to put on some peaceful music and just let your words and writing flow without judgment.Guided meditation is a great way to get started with meditating as well. If you are utilizing meditation as a tool to increase your psychic ability be sure to limit this. It is important that you are able to focus and meditate alone, so that you can call on that focus during readings and when you are seeking guidance.Many enjoy taking meditative walks, runs, or just simply meditating during their exercise time. Meditation is an exercise in itself! Instead of striving to lose weight or burn calories, it is an exercise in getting to know you at the most intimate level. Meditation is a gentle acceptance of your personal reality. Most importantly, it is open conversation with your Source, and the key to all the answers you seek.Each day can be made easy with just a few minutes of meditation. Take time to understand what is in your heart today. You will be so glad you did!

How Anti Aging Products Can Make You Feel And Look Younger

With new advances in medicines and more and more people taking steps to stay healthier and fit longer people are not only living longer than ever before but, they are staying more active for longer as well. Staying fit means that you feel younger so it is only natural that you should want to look as young as you feel. Many people find themselves looking far older than they feel. While you can’t turn back the clock you can look and feel younger by finding the right anti-aging products to help improve your skin just as all those exercises and eating right has helped your body improve and become more fit.What Anti-Aging Products Can Do To Make You Look YoungerOver time and because of certain lifestyles your skin begins to dull over time. Add to that the addition of fine lines and wrinkles and the loss of moisture and elasticity and our faces begin to sag and show our age and sometimes even make you look older than you actually are.While anti wrinkle products may not exactly be the fountain of youth many people are looking for, they can, if used consistently and correctly take years off your face leaving it not only looking younger but, feeling younger as well.How Anti-Aging Products HelpAnti-aging products work in several ways to make your skin take on a younger and healthier glow. First these products contain moisturizers that not only help absorb into your skin making it less dry today but, overtime these moisturizers help your skin retain more of it’s own natural moisture. As most people know, when your skin has the proper amount of moisture those fine lines and wrinkles diminish and become less deep.Most anti-wrinkle products especially those anti-aging washes contain exfoliates which work to gently remove those dead skin cells leaving your face looking less dull and bringing back a bit of that youthful shine that gives you a healthier and younger glow.In addition most anti-aging products have ingredients that help you to produce more collagen which helps your skin recover more of it’s elasticity which helps prevent new wrinkles from forming or at least slows down the process considerably.Anti-aging Products Makes Your Skin Feel YoungerHowever, anti aging products don’t just make you look younger they can make your skin feel younger as well. Most people agree that after using anti-wrinkle creams for a few weeks their skin feels noticeably softer and often a little more firm. This tightening of the skin is a result of the production of more collagen giving your skin the elasticity to snap back into the shape it is meant to have.Please keep in mind that there are no anti-wrinkle products on the market that are going to make you look 20 years old again. However, these products can and do make you feel and look younger and more attractive than you may have believed possible.